Why a Movement?

I can not let the rest of my life pass knowing that there are these amazing individuals out there who are able to make huge contributions to our planet and yet they are being overlooked.

Now is the time to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate them before they feel the need to prove their worth — by doing or inventing something big that to catches our attention or earns our respect. I believe that if we don’t do this, it will be a great disservice to many, many Unique Learners out there and that will cost our global community dearly.

It is time to acknowledge that something is already happening. There are people out there who are working hard to support young people living and learning fully. My invitation, is to step it up. Now.

It’s time to collaborate, to investigate and try even more innovative ways to support the growth, development and expansion of these young people.

It is time to let go of all of our judgments and expectations.

It is time to share our stories and our ideas, without focusing on blaming each other or on what does not or has not worked. 

Now is the time to focus on what is possible. Sometimes I feel like our very existence depends upon it.

If I sound idealistic to you consider this …

Consider that we are on the edge of making some big changes. Consider that we are beginning to shift some perspectives we have for how we have seen people who learn differently.

I call that a movementa deep, all-changing shifts in how we think, speak and act as we move from observing, assessing and evaluating — to acknowledging, encouraging and celebrating our unique learners.

“A movement: A values-driven business, whose primary objective is to create positive cultural change through a shared practice or experience.”

From “How to Start a Global Movement” by Jenny Sauer-Klein‬

Won’t you share in the experience? Join us here.

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