Trusting the Process: Retreating, Reconnecting and Revealing BBU

Sometimes, when we are in the midst of a process, we don’t know where we are going to end up. And it turns out it is that very process that matters most and, ultimately, that gets us there.

As part of my BBU journey, I examined many of my past thoughts, words, actions and experiences – how I think and feel and why I am doing what I am doing. Those facets and examinations have all become a part of Be Brilliant U.

Unfortunately, fear, competition and comparing myself to others came up for me at times: “If only I had a Ph.D. from some great school to have people see that I am credible instead of the life experiences I have had in going off to work independently outside of the academic form.”

But that is all part of the process to return to being present, instead of getting stuck or giving up. Remember, for over a decade I honed my process and figured out what worked and how. I learned how to speak with my students and be attuned to when they were ready to push ahead and when they were not ready.

For my entire summer last year (2015), besides all that I mentioned previously, I worked with my Wholehearted Business Development coach, Amanda Winn, and her team on creating, formulating and writing a very in depth, personal process about what I wanted to create AND WHY.

My very dearest friend, Katie – who is responsible for igniting something in me and holding the space for “what is possible” in that first Skype conversation – became my writer. Together, we all collaborated, bringing our greatest strengths to this team.  

At this point, I still did not even begin to see the scope of this movement. I did not even see yet the vision of the website, for that was my team’s specialty – to take all of my ideas, passion and compassion and bring it into form.  My job was to continue to recall all of my experiences and take all of my visions for this website and communicate it to my coach and team (I referred to this project as a ‘website’ way back then rather than a business, let alone a movement), which was just the beginning of a process that is ongoing.  

Amanda, my big-hearted business coach with a wholehearted plan and process, interviewed me and typed as I spoke to the shape and form my ideas and compassion for Unique Learners and their families.

I often thought as she interviewed me, that Amanda and others would see my teaching, coaching and consulting practice as basic common knowledge, for it all seemed so “common sense” to me. But I learned that this was not the case. The way I was speaking about how we can help our Unique Learners to learn and live fully needed to be communicated. There was a story to tell about how we see them and the changes to be made to support them on a bigger level.

At some point, during the month of July, Amanda extended an invitation to me. She asked me to come to Sedona, Arizona in September, where her team would already be meeting for a business retreat. It was a chance to participate in a Wholehearted Business Development experience where we would coalesce the majority of the website together in collaboration over just four days.

While in Sedona, the team sat together around one table and put together my branding, logos and pieces of the site. They took all of the writing and research Amanda and I had completed up until this point and went in various directions to bring it all to life. Everyone worked in their area of expertise before reconvening around the Wholehearted table, accelerating the process, coalescing ideas and collaborating with one another. At times, we would pair off or separate into small groups to accomplish tasks like taking photos, designing a web page or reviewing copy. Many times we caught ourselves laughing out loud because we were having similar thoughts and words coming to mind simultaneously.

And each time the team reconvened there was another vision that had come into being; another page in the story of BBU had been birthed into existence. Tons of tears were shared at every step, because we could see the potential impact BBU could have on the lives of many people. I felt like I was revealing the deepest parts of me as a sort of declaration to this movement (even though I was still calling it a website at this point).

All of my deepest awareness about unique learners and how to help them connected with my earlier sleepless nights and the voice saying, “It is time!!!”  We could no longer wait for one more person to be less than who she or he truly is.

Something clicked for me each time the team revealed the branding elements and portions of the website. Waves of excitement and overwhelm rolled over me as I read the copy birthed from the words I wrote in the summer and saw the images drawn from my personal visions and the answers to the questions posed to me just a couple of months before:  WHY DO THIS??? We were all in the flow – even Kathy, our beautiful and nurturing chef, remained in flow – providing us with energy as the process became more and more intense.

I am humbled by the birth of this business, this movement. And that experience in Sedona was one of many that led to this moment. I am forever grateful for the experience and support my team continues to provide and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

This work is for unique learners and their loved ones everywhere atorvastatin 80 mg. And now it can be shared to touch them wherever they are. I look forward to seeing more and more brilliance shine as we learn to see unique learners for who they truly are. What about you?

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