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Welcome to the Be Brilliant U Resources for Teachers.

.Teachers, we applaud you and admire your dedication. You have the awesome responsibility of educating and advocating for our young people.

In my years working as a teacher and closely with students and their families, I learned how valuable it is for our advocates to have someone advocating for them. My team and I are here to be that resource for you. Here you’ll find practical tools, rich and relevant information, empowerment exercises, and self-care tips to help you manage all that’s expected and anticipated from our learning facilitators today.

As an educator, you know first-hand the potential challenges in guiding Unique Learners in a way that inspires, interests, and challenges them to participate fully and offer their gifts freely. We’re here as collaborators, to help facilitate innovative learning, to support the creation of rewarding teaching experiences, and to create vibrant learning environments for our young people. Our children know when their teachers love their work and they gravitate toward those that are fueled by their contribution.

We consider it a privilege to partner with you — to support and empower you in any way we can.

If you have ideas for ways we can be of greater service to you, or if there are things that you or your school do that might inspire other teachers or students, we’d welcome hearing from you. One of our guiding principles at Be Brilliant U is that we’re better together and together we can create better experiences and opportunities for ALL our Unique Learners.

Thank you for you all you do for our young people. Your contribution is recognized and very much appreciated.

To Your Brilliance,

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A Teacher’s Ease (E’s)™:

Enhancing, Energizing & Engaging the Educator’s Experience

Being aware of how you view yourself and your role as an effective learning facilitator impacts the way you approach each of your students and the dynamics in the classroom. Here are some strategies which helped to energize and enhance both my experience as a teacher and the experience my students had while learning. By practicing greater empathy and having compassion for myself and my students – I was able to focus more on building trust. That trust allowed me to ignite learning in my students, which naturally inspired them and brought greater fulfillment to my work.

Mindful Moments to Find Your Flow™

Take time to quiet your mind by intentionally letting go of the negative chatter going on inside your head and reconnect with what’s possible. It will build hope and re-energize you, helping you to re-focus. This simple set of exercises will allow you to release thoughts that aren’t serving you, remind you of who you want to be as a teacher, help you find a positive way to think about your current situation, and share hope-filled words with your students — all while taking good care of yourself.

Brilliant Ways to Help Your Students S-H-I-N-E™

Questions & Techniques to Uncover The Unique Strengths of Your Students

Part of our role as teachers is to hold the vision for all that our students can be, until they’re able to experience it for themselves. Finding ways to refocus and reset any negative conversation we have going on inside ourselves, creates space to see and nurture the very best in our students. This list of questions and techniques helped me to shift my own preconceived ideas and judgements. Which in turn, opened the doors of possibility for a more supportive and rewarding connection with my students.

The Brilliant Facets of Your Unique Learner™:

Questions to Get to Know Your Students

The greater the connection you feel to your students and they with you, significantly enhances the dynamic in the classroom. The connection you share with your students creates openings for greater trust, where innovative and experiential learning can happen. To establish that special kind of rapport with my students, I developed a list of open-ended questions that helped me to get to know them, not just from their answers but from how they answered the questions. We offer these questions as a tool to deepen your understanding and celebration of your students.

The Be Brilliant Classroom Creed™:

For Better and Bright Learning and Learners

A turning point in my teaching happened when a particular dynamic in my classroom inspired me to co-create shared agreements with my students — that grew into what is now the Be Brilliant Classroom Creed™. The intention was to create a touchstone to remind us that everyone deserves the right to be heard, seen, and respected. By learning about each other and learning how to celebrate our differences, our classroom became a place where we wanted to be and we thrived.

Bill of EnLIGHTened Rights™

In recognition and celebration of all that our Unique Learners have to offer our classrooms and communities, we’ve developed the Bill of EnLIGHTened Rights™. We want to encourage our young people who learn differently to shine in all their brilliance, to inspire their creativity, to be proud of what they are capable of and to own their awesome! Please consider hanging this list in your classroom as an empowering reminder to encourage your students to reach for their fullest potential and know their limitless possibility.