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Welcome to the Be Brilliant U Resources for Students.

Unique Learner, you are my inspiration! I know how demanding it can be to find a place in school that’s just right for you. I understand the challenges you face when you try to complete your homework without stress, make new friends, and express yourself to your family in ways you feel good about. My team and I have put together some tools, tips and and tricks to help you thrive in your life, be confident in school, and feel at ease with your family and friends.

We all struggle sometimes and get overwhelmed. I want you to know we’re here to help you find new ways to understand your feelings, be more mindful throughout your day, and use your creativity for good. To build things from your brilliant imagination, to dream, wonder and question what might possible. We know with caring guidance, your potential is limitless. We’re here to encourage you and help you feel strong and powerful in your life.

If you have ideas for ways we can better support you, or if there are things that you, your family or school do that might inspire other young people, we would love to hear from you. We’re better together and together we can create better experiences and opportunities for ALL Unique Learners like you.

To Your Brilliance,

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(Because we’re better together and together we create something better for all.)

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The Bill of EnLIGHTened Rights™

To you, the Unique Learner, we see YOU and celebrate the rightness and goodness of who you are, how you learn and all that you have to offer our world. You have the right to shine in all your brilliance, to inspire us with your creativity, to be very proud of who you are and to own your awesome! We’ve created a list of rights especially for you to remind you that your possibilities are limitless and to reach for your fullest potential.

The HeART of Learning™

I Learn Best When …

Did you know that we all have a different learning style — a way we learn that’s just right for us? We celebrate all the forms young people take in, make sense of and share information and their experiences. Have you discovered the ways you like to learn and what works best for you? Check out our list to see the many approaches to how we learn. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the ways that are right for you or you’ll be inspired to make one of your own.

Mindful Moments to Find Your Flow™

Sometimes we forget that we’re in charge of our moods and have the power to change them. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you be mindful of your breathing, find a new way to think about your situation, listen to your internal voice, and learn how to let the answers come to you. With the right tools you can learn to let go of stress and relax again.

Your be Brilliant U Photo™

To Remind You Who You Really Are

Did you know that a photo can bring you right back to a particular moment? Pictures can help remind us of a time when we felt happy, peaceful, confident and connected to the people we love. Here are a few steps to follow for finding or capturing just the right picture of you from a time when you felt good inside. You can keep it in your study area, backpack, or desk at school to bring back feelings of how you’d like to feel in that new moment.

The Innovative Studying Backpack™

What would you say if I told you that you could actually feel good about your study time and even reduce the stress that can arise when it comes to sitting down to get the work done? You can get all of your homework done and have more free time! The Innovative Studying Backpack™ includes magical tools to help you to define and organize your workspace, your time and manage those sometimes stressful experiences. Now, what could be better than that?