My Dedication and Commitment to You, Unique Learner

So here is to the Unique Learner – I am in awe of you!

I love the authentic way you see life and how and when you are present in being yourself. The creative way that you take in the world: what you think about, how you think, what you feel, create, build, do, think, wonder, question, process. Your clever abilities to solve problems and your desire to move and absorb yourself into whatever you are focused on – your ability to dream and envision.

You are extraordinary and I believe your fullest potential is well beyond what I even know to be possible. What we know to be possible. Our global community has not yet fully begun to give you the room you need to live and learn on your terms, to get to know and celebrate how differently wired you really are and to let you do what you are here to do on this planet and be empowered doing it.

I have seen many of you suffer. I have seen so many of you get sucked into a life of comparison, competition, judgment and fear causing you to abandon your unique ways of thinking and feeling. I have seen your esteem and confidence waiver and wither. I have seen you fight, oppose, withdraw and give up. I have seen you do your best to try to fit in. And I have felt your pain, loneliness and angst with how people see you, what they say to you, what they believe you are to be.

So I say this to Unique Learners – YOU MATTER! I see you and celebrate you. One intention of the Be Brilliant U movement is to support others in seeing and celebrating you too. Every step BBU takes supports what is possible for you and your BRILLIANCE!!!

The Be Brilliant U Commitment/Promise

If you’re reading this and feeling like you want to give up, know this: I am dedicating my work to support the recognition, celebration and empowerment of young people with unique learning styles.  It’s no longer an option for me to hold back.

I am in action to innovate learning.

I am answering the call to bring hope.

I am here to be your catalyst for positive change.

It’s time.

Founder, Michele Garber

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