Collaborate & Calibrate

Consulting for Mental Health Professionals

Insight & Advocacy to Help Bridge
the Emotions & Learning Gap

Sometimes, it really does take a village.

Our consulting work is a highly collaborative approach to bridging the emotional and learning selves of the Unique Learner. We am honored to have extensive experience partnering with mental health professionals, helping further their Unique Learner clients and families’ emotional well-being.

We bring an educational perspective to the table, with a therapeutic emphasis on emotional affect, which can help fill in the gaps discovered along the developmental journey. We aim for my contribution to generously co-create an empowered experience for the entire team.

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As a Consultants we will:

  • Invite a collaborative team approach with the Mental Health Professional, Parents, Teacher (if appropriate) and the child to restore hope and empower each family and learning environment
  • Observe the child in their naturally occurring settings with the parent in their home and between the child and teacher in the classroom
  • Collaborate with the team in developing support systems and strategies to reduce stress at home and in the classroom
  • Provide insight and recommendations in how to teach to the unique learning style of the child
  • Offer suggestions and strategies to encourage the child’s self-confidence
  • Introduce options for remediation and metacognitive and executive functioning strategies
  • Contribute insights into the emotional life of a child and how that plays out in the classroom and impacts their learning
  • Assist in completing past learning related traumas that hinder the growth of a child and keep them from thriving

What the Mental Health Provider will receive:

  • A comprehensive list of recommendations and suggestions to help bridge the emotional and learning gap for each individual case.

What the family will receive:

  • A written assessment of our findings and tailored suggestions for moving forward.

We are here as a beacon of hope and offer a perspective that might be otherwise lost in the conversation. We I care deeply about helping our children feel better about learning, about themselves and about their lives. Our singular goal is to bolster the support these Unique Learners are already receiving in doing just that and help further the work however we can.

Appreciation from Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst & Pastoral Counselor, Ronald A. Grant, M. Div., S.T.M., M.D., D. Min., LP

As a family psychiatrist, I refer clients and families with Unique Learners to consult with Michele Garber regularly. I count on her ability to teach both the young people and their parents with equal compassion. She always has a positive affect, connecting with people in a way that earns their trust and easily develops rapport with my clients.

Hourly Consulting Fee is $185

For ongoing needs, discounted package rates are available.

To learn more about our consulting services and discuss how we can be of support to the needs of your therapeutic team, please click here to email us via our contact form.