Enhance & Empower

Consulting for Educators

Collaborative Classroom Strategy & Planning
for Greater Student & Teacher Success

Let’s get underneath the surface.

Our goal is to partner with educators to help everyone better understand the emotional world of the student. Our specialization in this area, combined with the benefit of being outside observers, allow us to see the big picture in a way that allows for more possibilities – for the teacher and the students alike.

We offer strategies for influencing the student’s optimal learning environment and experience in a collaborative way to ensure the educator feels respected, supported and comfortable moving forward. Our observation and guidance is meant to empower the educator to enhance their work in new and different ways that will ultimately relieve stress in the classroom and increase the enjoyment of learning for everyone.

Program Elements – This Educator Coaching & Empowerment process is a 2-4 Month program and provides ongoing observation and evaluations as appropriate for each unique case.

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As Consultants we will:

  • Observe classroom dynamics to provide objective assessment of teacher/student, student/student and group interactions including respect of one another
  • Help co-create a safe and productive learning environment for all
  • Offer strategies to reduce stress and create better classroom management
  • Work together with educators to create emotionally safe classrooms to enhance learning and development
  • Coach the educator in building a rapport and positive relationship with students that are more challenging to reach and connect with
  • Provide suggestions for structures to empower individual student self-confidence and collective group bonding
  • Partner with the educator to design innovative teaching forms and systems like using art, drama and improv when appropriate
  • Collaborate with educators in developing custom-designed and innovative lesson plans to inspire empowered learning
  • Guide the educator in establishing relationship and teaching strategies for situations where the educator does not connect with and is challenged by the student

What the Educator will receive:

  • A customized and detailed Be Brilliant U ShineBright Classroom Strategies™ document to empower your Unique Learner student

What the Student will receive:

  • A custom-tailored Be Brilliant U Full Potential Learning Plan™  for the student and teacher to implement together

Together, we can optimize the chance for learning and growing in the classroom and beyond. We will help clear the way for a more fulfilling experience for both teacher and student alike. We are advocates for all and here to make sure Unique Learners are thoroughly seen and understood so they can glean the generous knowledge shared with them more effectively.

The Enhance & Empower
Educator Consulting Package = $1995

Package Savings = $1000+

This package is an add-on to
The Illumination Package and The Integration Package

Includes up to 16 hours of Coaching and Evaluation

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Barbara-GrantAs an educational supervisor at Eagle Hill Southport School, I worked with students, teachers and parents, using a team approach to coordinate each child’s program for instruction and wellbeing. The students’ ages ranged from 8 to 15 at the time (my term was from 1986 – 2003). The school accepted those with mild to moderate learning disabilities and with average I.Q.

I knew Michele as a teacher there for 2 years. The classes were from 1-6 students in size and she was able to render individual and small group instruction with skill. As I observed her classes and listened to her speak about her students, it was clear that she knew how to draw out shy or withdrawn youngsters and help them with their educational or social problems.

When I also got to know her through social occasions, her grace, patience, and good will were obvious. I know she still hears from some students who remember her with appreciation. She has a talent to uncover students’ needs and to help them achieve their potential, while also working effectively to help parents understand how their children may best be instructed. Her interest in coaching students while staging live presentations brought joy and satisfaction to her classes and the school as a whole.

Michele’s ability to diagnose problems and teach to a desired outcome is impressive. She’s a true leader and innovator with a heart.

– Barbara F. Grant, Ed.M., CAS
Retired Educational Supervisor, Eagle Hill Southport