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Going a step above and beyond for your unique learners.

There is so much information coming out every day about Unique Learners and how to better serve them in the classroom. And it can be hard to keep up with all the individualized needs of these students. We are here to foster what works best for your students with your existing programs.

We will weave our techniques together with your teachers’ styles so your institution doesn’t skip a beat and moves to the forefront of meeting Unique Learners’ needs. It is an honor for us to collaborate as part of your team and support each contributor to give his or her gifts.

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As Consultants we will:

  • Help develop teachers’ support systems and resources for social and emotional learning/affect
  • Coach teachers to see the possibilities: to see the whole child, including even what’s most challenging, to seek the information underneath the behavior for insight and empowerment solutions
  • Encourage being in observation and asking questions rather than making judgments or looking to extinguish unwanted behaviors, all while making a space for understanding and more organic behavior shifts
  • Foster flexibility with student challenges in the classroom and help embrace change
  • Engender understanding the family, school and life dynamics of the student and how they play out in the classroom to support the best possible learning for the student
  • Aid teachers in embracing different learning styles, personality types and intelligences
  • Model being an inspirer and champion for the students to be the best learners and human beings they can be
  • Offer solutions in observing stress rather than reacting to it
  • Encourage teachers in knowing themselves, being self-reflective, conscious, mindful and present
  • Demonstrate to teachers being open to stepping away from the intended lesson plan when spontaneous opportunities for expanding learning present themselves

The Educational Institution will receive:

  • A fully customized and phased plan with comprehensive and incremental steps to empower educators. This plan will be a co-creation of versatile, innovative learning environments that reduce stress in the school and classroom setting and empower your Unique Learners.

Our goal is to help fill in the gaps and ensure the continuing success of your efforts. We want to make your life as education providers easier. Our style is inclusive and open as we observe and listen for where our experience could be most meaningful and useful. We will care about your students as much as you do and offer gratitude for the chance to help even one more Unique Learner shine brighter.

Hourly Consulting Fee is $185

Please contact us here to discuss developing a customized program for your school or learning environment.