Starting with
the possibility,
not the problem.

Many students lack structure because their habits are based on surviving in school and in life. They aren’t aware of how they specifically learn – which may or may not be supported in their current learning environment. They often times don’t know how to manage the emotions that keep them being fully open and available for learning. The Integration Coaching Program focuses on the possibility of a greater learning experience.

With this program, you are encouraged to start at the beginning of a school term – either August or January – but you are welcome to dive in whenever it becomes possible to do so. There is a minimum commitment of 4 months so your Unique Learner and family can benefit from the full scope of this program and get some traction to move you forward. If it will be of continued benefit and value, you are welcome to engage in this work for both school terms (a full school year) and beyond. We will accommodate and cater to each student’s and family’s needs as appropriate.

It’s time to find and shine your light.

There is no set formula for our sessions as they will depend on where your child is in their process and if that is the best place to start. We will look at emotions and learning, family stress, procrastination, structures, routines and practices, executive function, and metacognition during our time together.

Sometimes we’ll unravel the family stressors before we ever get to anything like study habits. Where the support and guidance is needed most is where we begin. Our work will be fluid as changes are made and integrated into a new way of being – as individuals, learners, family members and support teams.

Our main work is to change behavior and reactions to situations that arise so that learning can happen unencumbered. We are reframing an experience that has long been given labels and certain expectations. This work is freeing and we have seen miracles occur once the shift is made.

Light up to life and learning.

As we culminate our work together, each party involved – from the Unique Learner, to their parents, the educator and mental health professionals – will have a well-practiced game plan to continue implementing. These plans include customized strategies to manage stress and communication and checklists for a new way of being and interacting. We will develop these plans together, as a team, and no two student’s plans will look alike. Just as no two students are the same in their challenges, gifts, talents and stresses.

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What the Parents/Family will receive:

  • An orientation and interview meeting
  • Ongoing weekly check-in meetings with the parents followed by weekly student coaching sessions
  • How to implement effective tools and strategies to create a more peaceful family environment
  • Parent Coaching to assist with breaking through stressful patterns and establishing more productive roles.
  • Guidance for parents in becoming supportive observers of their children and remove possibilities for emotional reactivity
  • Meeting with family members to address stressful and unhealthy dynamics resulting from the Unique Learner’s particular circumstances
  • Program completes with coaching session(s) to guide the parents towards shared agreements and structure, supporting the Unique Learner and family in maintaining a more harmonious environment at home
  • A Parent Tools and Resource Worksheet(s) to assist with internalizing each of the following positive change strategies:
    • Positive languaging and actions to guide and frame parent/child interactions
    • Redirects for “in the heat of the moment” conflicts
    • Remodeling the blame game and building self-responsibility and self-empowerment
    • Meditations to support the specific empowerment needs of a Unique Learner
    • Book referrals as appropriate

What the Student will receive:

  • A one-on-one orientation and interview meeting
  • Ongoing weekly coaching sessions to support students with:
    • Reframing negative self identification and encouraging a hopeful outlook and attitude
    • Creating an optimal learning environment and organization systems
    • Identifying trigger points and developing strategies for ways to reduce stress
    • Supporting challenges with executive function including planning, organizing and time management
    • Modeling the metacognitive process (a way of thinking about thinking) to encourage making positive choices, problem solving and planning skills
    • Providing feedback for the student in their learning style, how they learn best and studying strategies to match that
    • Developing techniques to foster a positive rapport and relationship with teachers
    • Re-establishing independence and self-responsibility as positive and empowering
    • A Student Strategy Notebook which includes worksheets to support internalizing each of the above positive change strategies as appropriate

What Educators will receive:

  • A one-on-one orientation and interview meeting
  • Ongoing meetings as needed, creating a highly collaborative partnership with the educator to:
    • Offer insights on the student’s learning style, emotional mindset and how they learn best
    • Create an optimistic learning environment that is safe for the Unique Learner to encourage positive risk taking
    • Develop academic, schedule and environment modifications to establish a transformational process of learning
    • Strategize effective communication flow between the educator, the student and the parents
    • A complete Checklist with specific actions for the student’s empowerment and self-responsibility plan

What Mental Health Professionals will receive:

  • A One-on-one orientation and interview meeting
  • Ongoing meetings as needed to build bridges of insight, understanding and solutions between the student, parents, educators and mental health professional about:
    • How the student’s emotions are impacting their learning in and out of the classroom
    • Offering observation and assessment of the family and classroom dynamics to accelerate the therapeutic process
    • How the family dynamic impacts self-empowerment and independence of the student
    • Where the student is hitting blocks and getting stopped and recommendations about possible remediation
    • A comprehensive list of recommendations to support a whole and healthy learning process and plan

The Integration Program is the most comprehensive coaching service we offer and our goal is to relieve stress in all areas, provide hope and assist the student in defining their unique vision to reach their fullest potential.

The Integration Package Investment
starting at $3995

Based on Program Length
(4 Month Minimum Required)

Program Savings = $1000+

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Please note the program elements can be customized and tailored to meet the unique needs of your child, family and situation.

Individual coaching sessions are available at a fee of $185/hour if you are not looking for a package at this time.

Let’s glimpse what’s possible.
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Sarah-Krumeich“Following some bad experiences with boarding school at 17, I was feeling very down on myself. I felt like a failure and let depression take a hold of me. I had trouble communicating with family members, wasn’t showering regularly, wasn’t eating properly and hadn’t established a sleep schedule. I let my emotional state gain control of me and went down a spiral of depression until Michele Garber came into my life. Michele helped me realize that, in order to succeed, which, for me, meant graduating high school and eventually going to college, I would have to gain control of my emotional wellbeing in order to be able to function academically.

Michele walked into my house with a smile on her face and a “can do” attitude and simply asked me about my day. I was able to open up to her and one of the first things we did together was talk about what I thought were some things I needed to work on. I told her about my difficulties academically and we determined that I wasn’t a terrible student, I was just really unhappy and unable to see past the unhappiness to the things I excelled at.

Through our meetings, I became more and more upbeat. I started eating healthy meals three times a day, taking walks with my dog, showering regularly and going to sleep at a reasonable bedtime instead of just when I felt like it. I found that I was able to focus on the school projects much more intensely when I was taking care of myself emotionally. I was able to talk to Michele about my days and any issues I had at home or with friends and once that emotional piece was taken care of, I had new interest in the world around me. I even started coming up with suggestions of schoolwork that I might be interested in.

Michele did something very simple. She asked me about my opinions on various subjects including my health, well-being, academic tendencies, interests and then she did the most wonderful thing of all: she listened.

She listened without judgment or censoring, which other adults in my life had done. She reached into my life and pulled out the best parts of me and helped those to shine out. She gave me strategies instead of answers. We worked together to come up with solutions to my issues. She believed in me and she helped me to look inside myself and realize that my emotional well-being was far more important than my academics. This is because when I was emotionally regulated, every other piece of my life fell into place and flowed easier. When I was emotionally regulated then chores got done, I took care of myself, I did my schoolwork, I hung out with friends and I engaged with my family life instead of shutting myself away in my room.

Without Michele I never would have graduated high school, I would not have gotten my Associates Degree from Landmark College, and I would not have gotten my dream job as a Floater Teacher at a Preschool in Vermont. I would have become another dropout statistic who didn’t think herself capable of being relied upon or looked up to. Michele Garber changed my life and I am so happy that someone like her was there for me in my time of need. I sincerely hope that those who read this will allow her to step in and be there for you as well. Allowing her in was the best decision of my life.”

– Sarah K. (Former Student)


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