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Getting a diagnosis for your Unique Learner and knowing how to read the results can be quite tricky. Seeing how to apply the feedback to get your child’s educational needs met, that’s another set of challenges many parents often struggle with for years. We are here to help you change that.

The Insight Package is a broad overview customized for parents in how to evaluate your child’s educational assessment and testing. We will interpret the reports you’ve received, providing insight, tools and resources to support and empower your child in the classroom, at home and in their everyday lives. Let’s work together to help your child see their true brilliance.

What the Parents/Family will receive:

  • A one-on-one session with the Parents or Guardian to discuss the challenges and needs of your Unique Learner  – Up to 1.5 hours
  • A Preliminary Document/Testing and History Review to help you understand what it all means and what needs to happen next – Up to 2 hours
  • A one-on-one session with the Parents or Guardian to discuss my findings and recommendations moving forward – Up to 1.5 hours

What you will all walk away with:

  • Classroom, family and lifestyle strategies to empower your Unique Learner
  • A Be Brilliant Insight Tools Worksheet for the child, parents and teacher to implement together

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The stress of having your child struggle in school can feel insurmountable but it doesn’t have to be. We are dedicated to helping Unique Learners and their families improve their life experiences and ensure their educational needs are met by offering the support and strategies you need to feel good about learning.

The Insight Package Investment $795

Package Savings = $315

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Bridget BuckstineMichele began working with my son while he was in Middle School after academic and behavioral challenges became more than our family could handle alone. My son was in academic crisis, at risk for repeating the 8th grade and involved in a social group that would have predictably lead to legal consequences.While his confidence as a student declined, Michele was first brought in as a tutor and then an advocate for both my son and myself as we attempted to navigate an educational system that was unaccustomed to responding to the whole student experience.

Our school district had given my son a Special Education 504 Plan in Middle School hoping to ensure his academic success, but something was still missing when he arrived at High School. He continued to struggle academically and was acting out behaviorally with a cascade of disciplinary interventions that repeatedly kept him out of school. Michele attended academic planning meetings, special education committee meetings and disciplinary meetings to persuade and influence the administration to trust her judgment and intuition of my son’s experience as a student.

Remarkably, our school district eventually allowed Michele to come into the school to meet with guidance staff, psychologists and individual teachers. Together, an understanding of my son’s emotional experience in the physical building became clearer and the school began to respond with options that gave my son academic success for the first time since grammar school.

As a parent, the support and coaching Michele provided was priceless. The process of advocating for your child in the educational system is daunting and intimidating at best. Her presence, perspective and thoughtfulness guided me through one of the most stressful periods of my life.She was flexible and generous with her time; always understanding the changing dynamics of a family. I have great respect for her creativity, commitment and passion in advocating for the successful student experience.

Bridget B. – Parent


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