Getting to the root core
of the issue so you can
truly start fresh.

In The Illumination Package, you will learn what is happening with your child and why. You will receive detailed, expert recommendations of how to move forward. You will feel relieved and armed with all the information you need to start anew and allow your child to shine.

You will leave with a full plan and strategies for relating to each other as you create structure, reduce stress in your home and your child’s well-being is restored. Whether you choose to continue working with us or on your own, we will provide you with ways to think about, communicate and even interact with your child to support that their needs are being addressed in their current learning environment.

Let your child blossom into who
they were always meant to be.

Our customized approach of not only looking at test results but interacting with your child and your family helps us to see the issues beneath what seems to be the issue. We will uncover how your child best learns and set you up not just for success but also for your child to finally feel good about learning, life, themselves and their place in your family and the world.

The Illumination Package includes a thorough assessment of all educational evaluations, reports, test results and documentation you have about your child’s situation. We will then further gather our own evidence by meeting one-on-one with the parents/family, the student and the student’s teacher if appropriate. During our final coaching session, we will share our discoveries and evaluation. We will then provide you with a thorough plan of how to support your child’s needs being met so they can be their brilliant self.

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What Parents/Family will receive:

  • An initial one-on-one session to hear about the challenges and needs of your Unique Learner – Up to 2 hours
  • A thorough Document/Testing and History Review to help you understand what it all means – Up to 2 hours

What the Student will receive:

  • A one-on-one session to provide your Unique Learner with an opportunity to feel heard and to establish a rapport and to establish our own objective assessment of their issues – Up to 2 hours

What Educators will receive:

  • A one-on-one session to glean information from their classroom experience and gain perspective teacher to teacher – 1 hour

What you will walk away with:

  • A Be Brilliant U Illumination Assessment and Recommendations Action Plan
  • A corresponding Review Meeting of the findings and action plan to ensure your clear understanding and establish next steps – Up to 2 hours

The experience of wading through test results, differing opinions and managing family life at home with a struggling student can be daunting and deflating. We are here to illuminate the truth of what’s going on, both at home and at school, and also lay the groundwork for your family to feel less stress. Together we will help your student shine in his or her own unique way.

The Illumination Package
Investment $1495


11+ hours of private coaching and evaluation

Package Savings = $540

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Please note the package elements can be customized and tailored to meet the unique needs of your child, family and situation.

Individual coaching sessions are available at a fee of $185/hour if you are not looking for a package at this time.

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Amy-WeinsteinMichele began working with my daughter during the beginning of her freshman year in high school. Honestly, I had already been to many of the biggest names in the Westchester, New York area to seek help for my daughter, a very bright young woman with learning differences burdened by anxiety. They all felt like factories. Beyond the first analysis, assessments and evaluations, there was no follow through or effective action plan to help my daughter to feel better and less nervous about school and learning. No one else had been able to help her shine and give her some confidence. I was watching her get more and more frustrated, anxious and sad.

I was about ready to give up when I found Michele. Michele provided my daughter with great support in a very non-threatening way and taught her who she is as a learner. She connected with my daughter and helped her to recognize and access her own strengths.

With Michele, I no longer felt like I was placing my daughter in a factory line for help. Michele’s plan was customized for my daughter and gave her specifically what she needed. It took a few months for my daughter to trust and begin to feel some relief, but, little by little, we saw changes in her ability to manage how she was handling the stresses of school and her feelings about herself.

Today, my daughter is finishing her junior year in high school and getting ready to apply to and make the transition into college. She is doing great in school and is thriving. She still gets anxious sometimes, but it no longer paralyzes her or keeps her from enjoying life.

My daughter has also begun to “pay it forward”. In her school she has begun to tutor someone in Spanish who has a particular learning difference that makes it difficult to learn a foreign language. The same patience and understanding Michele has provided for her, she is now finding ways to pass it on – showing him how Spanish can make sense for him.

– Amy W., Parent


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