To every unique learner, I offer this:

It is time to know you and to be you.

It is time to Be Brilliant U.

Did something spark true for you or your situation?

If you are curious about how I can help your unique learner shine, please reach out to me.

I truly look forward to fostering the care and attention your child needs to be their best and brilliant self.

Thank you for your willingness to let them shine.


Magie-G“I first started working with Michele Garber after a long battle of personal, emotional and educational tribulations. Prior to Michele, I had worked with other tutors and educational advisors, some were better than others, but none gave the one on one attention and guidance I needed to succeed. Michele worked alongside me on days where I could hardly stand on my own two feet or, for that matter, pick my own head up off the couch. She not only gave me the strength to deal with my educational issues but also my personal issues.

She does a remarkable job working with the whole person, not just the fragments. Throughout our time together my spirits and confidence began to blossom. From there I persevered: I graduated from high school and then college with magna cum laude and obtained a Masters degree in Special Education Clinical Art Therapy from Pratt Institute. All of which would not have been a possibility without the persistent dedication Michele Garber gave me with each session we had together.”

– Magie G. (Former Student)