Chance Encounters & Listening to the Voice Inside: How Be Brilliant U Came to Life

What kept me going, besides the incredible team of creative branding and marketing people who are dedicated pioneers and thought changers like me, has been the continually serendipitous experiences connecting with random people out in life who need this work find here. These “chance” encounters would happen when I doubted myself or wanted to shrink away from my bigger vision, only to remind me that there are hundreds, thousands or maybe millions of Unique Learners out there. And there are parents out there with little children who don’t even know they have a Unique Learner yet, but they have a sense that their child might not be like other children and they are looking for support.

These people are looking to connect with others. They are looking for someone to tell them that their child is beautiful and is going to be ok. They are looking for someone to tell them that they don’t need to hide their child or worry about how their child will be received out there in life.

They are looking for HOPE and ways to support their Unique Learners and their families.  

And they are looking for others to see and acknowledge the extraordinary gifts their learners possess, not just their “shortcomings.” Remember, shortcomings exist because of the form we place our children in, our expectations about how they should act, what they should and should not be and what would help them be successful in life. (My son’s slow processing is how he is able to think deeply and take in information in other ways – it is part of what makes him an incredible writer, poet, artist and deep thinker and feeler.)


They are longing for this movement of innovating education.
And here is one more thing that has kept me going: this deep down inner voice that knows all of the experiences I have had so far have lead me to this point.

I feel like I was meant to do this. Some of my earlier experiences and learning make so much more sense as I integrate and assimilate all of the parts of who I am into this movement in the name of Be Brilliant U. I am beyond excited to share this work, this movement with you. I know as the movement spreads, we will all benefit from the gifts our Unique Learners have to share. Please join us.

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