Birth of a Learning Movement: How Be Brilliant U came to be

Last Spring, I started having sleepless nights. I found myself waking up frequently, my brain buzzing with thoughts and inner voice chats. Over and over I heard, “It’s time, it’s time. It’s time to expand and reach more people, more families.” This happened for a couple of months straight but I was not really certain of my next steps.  

I had been looking into going back to school to get my Ph.D. in Education for a couple of years. I was not sure, though, if I wanted to go back to the form of school to get the credential and certainly did not want to take part in a program that was in a different direction than what and how I wanted to research and study.

I really wanted to develop a way of supporting more families, young people and their teachers based on the work I had been doing for over a decade but not spend 5-6 years getting a degree. To be honest, part of me thought that I might need that degree in order to be considered more credible on/for a larger platform.

In May, my dear friend Katie, a copywriter, got on Skype with me and we had a very heart to heart conversation. She told me of a business development team she worked on and their process helping people start businesses from the very spark of an idea. I knew I had the spark and I was ready to ignite it. I asked Katie what she thought I was going to do, how did she see my business and its purpose in the world straight from the source. She quickly Try said, “I think you’re going to change the face of education.” I nodded, tears in my eyes, and knew this was the right next step to take.

By the beginning of June I began my work with Amanda Winn, the Founder of Wholehearted Business Development and a business development coach and she guided me through her very unique marketing and branding process.

When I started my initial work with the team, I had no idea how what I was envisioning would evolve. I’d had years of experience in offering my services to families and students, but had not ever really shared it publicly. I actually had no professional online presence.

Now I find myself with a burgeoning business Teacher and beautiful website, letting that initial spark expand Teens: into a movement and I couldn’t be more excited to watch it emerge into a collaborative and unifying community with other like-minded, like-hearted difference-makers in support of Unique Learners everywhere.  Won’t you join us?


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