See their light

I have a deep desire to help our planet’s young people, our children.
I love children — their imaginations, creativity, presence and openness.
I love their ability to play in the moment and lose track of time.
Children represent our greatest potential.

Children are so beautiful, but not everybody sees their beauty.

 — Michele Garber
Founder, Be Brilliant U

jewlWhen I was born, I was labeled different for being severely pigeon toed. I had to wear big, clunky, corrective shoes. It made me feel ugly and badly about myself and only reinforced my shyness. One day, I refused to wear the shoes and my mother asked the doctor what to do. He suggested I enroll in ballet classes.

I did not grow up well off or with any influence of the arts. If I hadn’t been pigeon toed, my parents would never have sent me to dance class. Learning to dance and express myself made me feel beautiful and empowered, it changed my life and is ultimately what led me to teaching.

Sometimes What We See as a Curse
Ends Up Being the Gift.

Every day, in and out of the classroom, I see young people who feel cursed, like they are the problem – to themselves, their families and the school system. They’ve lost access to their fullest potential. They make themselves smaller for various reasons – family, school, friends or the media. The way people treat them creates the reality of who they grow up to be.

I’m here to guide our kids back to who they are from the inside out, help them celebrate how they learn and see their “curses” as gifts. Kids want so much to feel their gifts shine. When your child isn’t given the opportunity to shine, we’re all impacted.

If your child has been burdened by labels and weighted down by being “different,” we’ll work together to restore your child’s sense of wholeness and happiness.

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I’m here to unlock possibilities and provide innovative learning tools, hope, and community for Parents, Students, and Teachers.

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I am here to:

  • Support young people who feel lost and stuck in life feel empowered about learning even if they don’t know how or what to do next
  • Provide parents a place to turn for true collaboration, guidance and to know that someone is listening, supporting them and not giving up
  • Foster creative solutions, positive change and community
  • Shift the way we educate our children to include Emotional Affect in learning just as much as any other traditional consideration (test scores, behavior, learning style, etc.)
  • Advocate for teachers, schools and administrators who need help recognizing and reaching their Unique Learner students and help them be inspirers and champions of kids
  • Spark change in the global community and emerging new learning paradigm
  • Partner with you and make the process as fun as possible

Turn it on

I am:

  • A teacher who gives Unique Learners a place of peace to learn in where they are understood, heard and supported to expand
  • An advocate who breaks down the barriers between school administrators, teachers, and leadership
  • A coach who inspires personal responsibility through self-empowerment
  • A facilitator who provides hope and the spark for possibility by bridging the gap between therapists and families
  • An educator who teaches young people how to embrace, walk through and process life experiences — and to understand, realize, and know the benefits of those life experiences
  • A storyteller who uses drama and the arts to give kids a voice and a way to promote self expression, self-esteem and confidence
  • A pioneer, innovator and change maker who creates new ways to meet Unique Learners where they’re at and allows them to see their own lights shine
  • A mom and a stepmom — my children are my teachers

I have over 20 years of professional experience in the Arts and Learning and “special education” fields. (Official Bio here) I have degrees in Psychology, Arts in Education (Drama) and Special Education, and am licensed in Connecticut State as a Special Education teacher. I’ve worked in public and private schools and supported young people and their families privately outside of school. What I’ve done with my experience isn’t typical. I’ve forged my own path to help kids see their gifts and how to give them. All of my experiences come together to support an individualized plan for your child.


I have a unique way of connecting with kids and finding what they need as people and learners. I respect them as human beings and I openly listen to their stories of frustration, anxiety, loneliness, confusion and fear. My goal is to see them as who they really are instead of what they’ve been led to believe. I’m also here to support them in maneuvering through school and life – to find their self-empowerment.

I coax their light out and give them space to shine.

When one child shines we all benefit.

I invite you to discover your own unique lights here. I’ll help you every step of the way.

To Your Brilliance,

Appreciation from Former Student, Katherine F.

Katherine-Firestone“I completely credit my executive functioning skills – namely my planning, prioritization, and time management skills – to Michele Garber’s training. Without those skills, I was too stressed to actually accomplish my goals. I would stress about all the stuff there was to do instead of actually taking any actions required to make progress.

Michele Garber, Founder of Be Brilliant U, is a certified teacher, therapeutic education coach, consultant and facilitator who serves Unique Learners, kids with special needs and students where they are not thriving in the current school model, learning setting or educational programs. She provides a therapeutic approach to these touchstone services for kids, their families and their support systems while creating opportunities to transform stress using educational strategies and life skills. Michele has worked in both private and public school settings as a special education aide, head teacher and drama instructor.