“We taught the world new ways to dream.” – Andrew Lloyd Weber


For over two decades, our founder, Michele Garber, has worked with many incredible young people who haven’t demonstrated their fullest potential to themselves, their schools or their families.

That’s what led her to create Be Brilliant U — an organization that inspires and serves the Unique Learners of the world. We foster effective and tangible emotional empowerment resources, and deliver innovative educational tools and programs.

We also provide hope that leads to the transformation of young people and their families. We’re inspired as we watch these young people pursue life fully and know who they are as learners and people of the world, and celebrate their uniqueness.

Our Vision

Be Brilliant U is a place where we support and celebrate our Unique Learners and where we’re always finding new ways to do this.

In a perfect world, every child would know their unique strengths and gifts. They’d feel confident and secure in the understanding that the world supported their learning style and needs. And they’d feel free to pursue their innate curiosity and creativity.

But that’s not the world we currently live in.

And while we’ll do everything in our power to change the current paradigm, we know we can’t do this work alone.

That’s why we’re also about the work of creating a movement. We see ourselves as leaders connecting and collaborating with other leaders in this field: teachers, administrators, parents, researchers. Our goal is to find as many ways as possible for ALL invested in empowering our Unique Learners — to join together, open lines of communication, and find ways to work in sync so we can improve the lives of all our children and create a powerful and positive impact our collective future.

If this vision resonates with you, we invite you to connect with us here.

Learn more about Michele here.

Our Philosophy

Our young people – whether labeled as having learning differences, special needs, twice exceptional (2e) or even a high IQ and gifted – shouldn’t need to change themselves to fit into their learning environments. Rather, their learning environments must change to suit them.

And where adjustments are made, there’s still more we can to do to support the full development of our Unique Learners — intellectually, emotionally and socially, while healing their spirits and belief in themselves.

These young people, our young people, are our New Renaissance individuals. They are our unique thinkers, inventors, innovators and creators who, from what we’ve seen, are here to support the future of our global community.

They need to be nurtured and celebrated in every way, so that they can be the most brilliant people that they can be.

We need to meet them as they are, where they are. We need to give them a space to think, to process, to create and to learn. Their way. Uniquely.

We owe it to them and to our world.

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